Founded 1926


(CASCregistration number: 05241)

Our subscriptions for the season 1st April 2022 to the 31st March 2023, for the various categories of membership we operate, are as follows:-

Category Description Subscription
A   : Full Playing Adult Member 19 to 24 as at 31.03 £110
25 and over as at 01.04 £280

B : Weekday Member

Mon to Fri until 6pm


C  : Junior  Member

8 to 18 as at 31.03


D : Social Member

Non-playing adult


F : Adult Beginner/Improver


For youngsters aged 5, 6 & 7 as at 31.03 who wish to participate in coaching, tennis camps and other applicable junior events you must complete the Mini Tennis Participation form and make an annual payment of £35 (£30 if renewed by 31.03) to the Club in addition to the coaching fees.

We do not charge a joining fee.

Young Adult Subscription: the reduced subscription of £110 for those aged 24 or under as at 31.03 – also applies to a category F member within this age bracket. 

Short Year Subscription: for those joining or renewing membership of categories A, B or F on or after 1st October the subscription for the remainder of the subscription year shall be: the full rate for the category divided by 12, multiplied by the number of months remaining (part of a month being treated as a whole month) (e.g. Cat. A member joining at the start of November will be £280/12 = (£23.33) £23.33 x 5 = £116.65)

The subscription for category C & D members who join on or after 1st October is £35.00 and £12.50 respectively.  

Family Discount: the junior subscription of children where both parents are either category A or F members shall be reduced by 50%.        

Played Up Junior: a junior who in the opinion of the Club’s General Committee shows maturity and proven playing ability may play as if he or she were a Full Playing Adult Member but the Junior subscription shall be increased to £110 (£100 if renewed by 31.03) to which the Family Discount applies (Category AJ).

Information about the Club you may find helpful:

New members are very welcome – please speak to any club member who should be able to help you and/or contact one of the names mentioned below. Category ‘F’ membership is primarily intended for adults who would like to improve their tennis skills with others of similar standard through shared social play and group coaching until they are confident of having reached a level satisfactory for membership as a Full Playing Adult Member.  An adult player who meets the Cat A standard (on recommendation of Club Captains or Head Coach) is expected to join as a Cat A member.

Visitors are welcome –   if a visitor is not playing with a member then they must obtain the approval of a member of the Club’s General Committee or one of the Club’s coaches before playing. The number of days a visitor may play in a year is limited to 5 and the fee payable per day or part of a day (however short) is £5 for adults and £1 for juniors. The Club member introducing the visitor should write the visitor’s name in the visitors book hung from the noticeboard in the clubhouse and feed the fee through the tube located in the telephone lobby.  Members arranging matches with external players which are not Club matches are responsible for payment of visitors fees for the visiting player(s).

Floodlight Play – floodlights are operated by tokens. Tokens are kept in the red box to be found either on the table immediately outside the internal door to the Bar or within the Bar.  For evening tennis, tokens are provided free of charge. Two tokens should provide one hour’s worth of lighting on the single courts and four tokens should provide a similar time on paired courts. If the warning light attached to the floodlight column comes on you have approx. 4 mins within which to feed the meter. Please be aware that once the floodlights go off they have a cooling down period and will not come on for at least another 15 mins

Balls – members are required to provide their own balls (in good playing condition) for Social Tennis and fixed games. Tubes containing 4 balls can be purchased from the Bar at reasonable cost.

Coaching – visitors are permitted to play at the club a maximum of 5 times in a year, and after that they need to join the club to continue having coaching.  Visitor fees for non-members who are having coaching are: adults (19 & over) £2, and for juniors (8 to 18 inclusive) £1. The supplementary fee is not charged to children under 5.  Coaching fees are a matter of agreement between the coach and the pupil. If you are interested in receiving individual or group coaching please speak to the coach who will let you have details.

Playing times – every day 9.00 am – 10.00 pm by when floodlights must be extinguished.

Social Tennis – you just turn up and mix in for doubles play during the following sessions:-

 Category A members: Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings are the most popular times – these can be busy sessions and all courts may be used with the exception of  1 court for juniors (if they  require it) and coaching on court 4 on Thursday evening up to 7.00pm.

Category F: Monday evenings from 7pm.

Category B (but also open to Category A & F members): Tuesday mornings from 9.00am on  four courts (coffee and biscuits usually supplied by those participating in the session).

Junior and Mini Tennis priority club night – Tuesday afternoons from 4.00pm. Please ask the Head Coach for details of group coaching sessions appropriate to age and ability and coaching fees. In addition to group coaching unsupervised mix-in play is available to responsible Juniors (aged 8 and over) on all other courts on Tuesdays not used for coaching. On all days at least one court (currently court 1) is available for junior play at all times. Adults playing on Court 1 should vacate the court at the end of the game (not set) if a junior member indicates they require the court for a game.  There are additional junior coaching clinics on Saturday morning and both Monday and Friday from 4pm.

Fixed games – outside the times allocated for Social Tennis members are free to make up their own games on available courts. Doubles take precedence to singles. Single play in progress ends at the close of the game currently in progress if a ‘four’ is waiting to play and no other court is available.

Court bookings –   for evening sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and the Saturday morning, certain courts are bookable. Sessions may be booked no more than 7 days in advance via our online court booking system (see VM Online Booking System).

Matches – Middlesex League Matches require three courts on selected Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from May to the beginning of August and Winter League Matches two courts on the same evenings from September to March Junior matches and the occasional Vets, and Cup matches are mainly played on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons. The bar is usually open during adult league and cup matches and spectators are welcome. Team selection and entry to the Club Championships is only available to Club members whether Adult or Played Up Junior.

Social Events – social events are held throughout the year and details are displayed in the clubhouse.  The bar is usually open Monday to Friday evenings, and on a Sunday lunchtime.  Members are allowed to hire the premises for s small charge if the request is approved by the General Committee.

Open Tournament – the Club’s ‘Open Tournament’ takes place over the second weekend in July when all courts are required for the tournament.

More Information – an introduction to VMLTC, click here

Club Rules – click here


Chairman: Matthew Robinson
telephone 07796 178100

Membership Sec: Tony Lancelott
telephone: 07962 895395

Men’s Captain: Alec Zetter
telephone: 07769 288454

Ladies Captain: Jo Booth-Woodward
telephone: 07949 179853

Head Coach: Paul Rock
telephone: 07961 282 347

Download Membership forms:
Adult Form

Junior Form

Mini Tennis Form

VM LTC Policies:
Safeguarding Policy

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Data Protection Policy


Men’s Captain: David Goldfarb

Ladies Captain: Liz Allman

Membership Secretary: Ross Bowden

Head Coach: Paul Rock

Assistant Coach: Roman Ceber

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Download Membership forms
Adult form
Junior form

Forthcoming VMLTC Events

Captain's Cup: Saturday 30th April (provisional date)

Summer League external matches: Begin w/c 2nd May 2022

Bank Holiday Tournaments on:

Monday 18th April

Monday 2nd May

Fridays 3rd July (Jubilee - provisional date)

Monday 29th August

Club Championships:

2/3/4 September - MENS and LADIES DOUBLES

9/10/11 September - MIXED DOUBLES

16/17/18 September - MENS and LADIES SINGLES

Saturday 24th September - Final's Day and Final's Night

Adult socials:

Quiz night TBC

Summer party TBC

Christmas dinner night date TBC

Junior socials:

Pancake Day – 1 March

Easter Egg Hunt – 9 April

Junior Summer BBQ – 14 June

Junior Halloween – 1 November

Junior Christmas party – 13 December


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VMLTC are delighted to announce that the club has recently been awarded Clubmark accreditation by the LTA.